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Certificate in Spiritual Life Coaching

An increasing number of clients present with the personal development goal of simply wishing to be more effective in all areas. Although some may initially judge this superficial or symptomatic of our hectic times there is a lot of benefit and clarity that can be gained from increasing our efficiency and gaining more order.

What becomes apparent as we 'space clear' our lives, is what are the truly important aspects of life, what activities are truly rewarding to pursue and what really increases enjoyment of life. We will learn methods that can improve both our client's and our own life quality in the key areas of relationship, social life, financial abundance, career, physical health and spiritual life. These skills and techniques in conjunction with the knowledge gained on the other courses such as counselling, advanced communication (rapport) and Soul Plan Reading will allow us to offer so much more than standard life coaching.

The 5 modules you will need to complete for the Spiritual Life Coach are:
  1. Advanced Communication - Introduction to Hypnotherapy & NLP (2 days)
  2. Introduction to Counselling (2 days)
  3. Soul Plan Reading (3 days)
  4. Relationships (2 days)
  5. Life Coaching (2 days)
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