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The Chi Kung Module

Dragon and Tiger Chi Kung is a healing form of Chi Kung also known as Qigong. In the last few years on our diploma courses we have taught this medical form of Chi Kung is relatively easy to learn, pretty much one of the most effective forms for stress, emotions and healing in the relatively short time it takes to complete the set.

Medical Chi Kung is practiced by millions of people in China and is used in that Country to boost the immune system, help alleviate the effects of chemotherapy and many in that Country believe treat early stages of cancer although we are not allowed and do not have the statistical evidence to make such claims in this Country.

Certainly many of our students and clients who have learnt and practised this and other Qigong methods we teach at HHC have attributed their practice to a range of health and emotional benefits often where other therapy and healing has not had effect. 

We believe that it is relatively easy for most people to learn healing skills. It is the maintenance and development of these which is another matter. Dragon and Tiger works by increasing the 'protective Qi' of the body and strengthening the Aura which means it is highly recommended for therapists and health professionals. It is an excellent support for clearing, maintaining and developing your energy and healing abilities. Qigong is also very grounding which is a quality that many who are drawn to helping others are well advised to develop and enhance.

Finally the other reason we are teaching this particular method is that the effects increase with time and efficiency of practise even though it is quite forgiving to the less than perfect movements of beginners. Therefore even if you don't get it 100% at first you will still benefit. Very soon however it will activate the dantian (major energy centre) and allow the practitioner to work at deeper and deeper levels over time.