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About the Teachers

Blue Marsden 
MA Psychoanalysis

Blue Marsden is a Hay House author, psychotherapist, hypnotherapist, (non duality orientated) counsellor and intuitive holistic therapist.

Founder and director of Holistic Healing College, he holds degrees in Philosophy and Psychoanalysis and has also studied, is qualified in and has taught a wide range of healing and psychotherapeutic techniques both ancient and modern. He is author of a number of articles on personal and spiritual development and his work and contributions have featured on national radio, in national newspapers and other media. He has also produced a series of best selling meditation CDs.

Ayuka Mizoguchi
MA H-hp dip. / Reiki Master /Teacher /Nutritional Advisor/Best Selling Author 

Born in Nagoya, Japan, Ayuka's spiritual awareness was triggered early in life through a near death experience at the age of four years old. She has been an empath and sensitive since childhood.

Whilst still in Japan she further developed her sensitivity through a system called 'en' which translates as circle (training) which was the original training for Japanese Reiki Masters. On moving to Tokyo she worked as an art critic, welfare researcher and journalist writing about health and culture. Following the success of her first book on spirituality written for the Japanese market she has gone on to write several more. Ayuka his head of the Japanese branch of Holistic Healing College which is based in Tokyo. She also leads 'heart circle' a group of Japanese HHC graduates who help Tsunami victims and carers in Japan through teaching them self healing methods. 

Roger Hanson
Spiritual Counselling Dip. Life Coach Cert.

Spiritual Counselling Dip. Life Coach Cert. originally from the states, began his work as a Counsellor in 1990 and in the mid 90s undertook specialist training to work with families. Following this early work in conventional counselling Roger then pursued a career in acting and singing (appearing in New York musicals). During this time he also gained experience of the corporate world where he became a senior manager.

When his work took him to the UK the spiritual direction took over and he undertook our Spiritual Counselling Diploma whilst simultaneously developing his Psychic Art and composing healing music (Musically Mantric Mandalas CD). Roger now works as a full time Spiritual Counsellor and Psychic Artist as well as speaking at mind, body spirit events and in the media.

Tony Dickinson
MA (Oxon) FRSA H-hp dip.

Tony was formerly Principal Assistant Secretary for Health in Hong Kong with responsibility for policy on primary health care, AIDS and traditional Chinese medicine. Since returning to the UK he has since established himself as a pioneer in the growing field of Energy Psychology. He has trained directly with Roger J. Callahan, founder of Thought Field Therapy (TFT) and Gary Craig founder of Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT).

Tony has currently taken a diplomatic position in Burma and Sharon Gordon (see below) is teaching his Energy Psychology techniques (Allergies and Phobias) module.

Amadis Cammell
Psychotherapy Dip.

Amadis took his first training in body centred Psychotherapy in 1976. From this point his exploration of the human potential movement covered trainings as diverse as psychosynthesis, primal integration, self realisation studies with Chan (CPS) and bioenergetics. During the eighties he also developed and pursued a training in Chinese medicine, Accupuncture and Qigong.

Since 1990 he has been teaching Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine and since 1996 Qi Gong, meditation and healing. He is a member of 'The British Acupuncture Council' and 'The Register of Chinese Herbal Medicine.'

Jan Dayton
H-hp dip. Counselling (Diploma)

Jan is a talented clairvoyant psychic artist and medium.
She teaches internationally and her work has often been featured in the media including TV appearances as a resident clairvoyant.

At the College she teaches the Extraordinary Sensing module which opens up and develops students confidence in utilising their intuitive abilities.

She also teaches part of the course on Loss. Here Jan adds her mediumistic and spiritual perspective to the conventional counselling method that students also cover to help them later work with those clients experiencing loss.

Anita D Marshall
Spiritual Counselling Dip. Hypnotherapy Dip. Life Coach Cert.

Anita D Marshall Spiritual Counselling Dip. Hypnotherapy Dip. Life Coach Cert. is qualified in a variety of healing disciplines including reflexology and Ayurveda which she studied whilst living in India. 

Over the years Anita has specialised in work that supports children and adults with special needs and mental health issues. 

After qualifying as a Spiritual Counsellor herself with Holistic Healing College she left her former accountancy job to follow her dream to work full time as a therapist. She now runs a busy practise in Hertfordshire where she offers Soul Plan Reading, Counselling, Life coaching and Ayurveda and also works part time as the College's Administrator. 

Anita is also a prominent speaker at mind, body, spirit events and runs many workshops and a regular meditation group.

 Sharon Alana Gordon
H-hp dip. Counselling (Diploma)

Sharon is a very experienced Holistic Therapist, Counsellor, Life Coach and Healer. She is trained and qualified in areas as diverse as theta healing, thai massage, eft and emotrance. Her specialist area is energy psychology applied to relationship healing and Life Coaching in the workplace.

Besides teaching on the energy psychology section of our relationship healing module Sharon is also involved in setting up projects to train young people using Life Coaching techniques.

Katie Rose
BA Reflex. Dip

Katie holds a BA in English Literature & Theatre Studies and is a trained Reflexologist and Massage Therapist.

At the age of 15 she had a vision guiding her to use the voice and sound for healing. Katie has followed this path and her primary training and interest has been in Sound Healing which she has studied indepth in many traditions.
In her own work her emphasis is in facilitating spontaneity - 'of creating a space where groups and individuals can access the freedom, creativity and innocence (inner sense) of their soul.' Her role at the College is to connect students with Sound healing as a powerful tool for healing mind, body and soul. Katie's latest album Shiva's Rain has met much critical acclaim.

Kelly Dunworth
BSC (hons) Psychology

Education and teaching others have always been Kelly's passions, and therefore she has spent the majority of her life qualifying in the areas of psychology, adolescent guidance and nutrition. After gaining an honours degree in Psychology she undertook Post graduate studies in Special Needs Education. Since then she has researched the fields of quantum physics and the law of attraction and now helps others through practical holistic advice. Kelly has helped many people start businesses in the fields of Health & Wellness and is author of The Complete Guide to Success in Internet Marketing. Her main role at Holistic Healing College is to help prepare the students to successfully market themselves as professional Counsellors and Holistic Healers so that they can reach their customers and full potential. Kelly also holds a Diploma in Nutrition and is a gifted Soul Plan Reader.
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