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Accreditation and Insurance

Holistic Healing College is a fully registered CMA college. We have our own code of ethics (available on request) and also subscribe to those of the Complementary Medical Association our governing and validating body. The CMA is an important bridge for those who may wish to work in conjunction with the medical profession and membership an important status prerequisite for those seeking GP referrals.

Having graduated from the Spiritual Counselling or Holistic Healing Practitioner Diploma course you will be recognised as eligible to join the Complementary Medical Association and also eligible to apply for full professional liability insurance through the CMA or most of the big insurance companies who deal with e.g. psychotherapy, counselling and complementary health insurance. 

Furthermore our Hypnotherapy Diploma course option is certified through our London Colllege of Hypnotherapy branch. The syllabus, content and hours has been examined and validated separately by the General Hypnotherapy Standards Council (GHSC) and deemed to have fulfilled the full practitioner level criteria. Therefore those students taking this option will be eligible to join the General Hypnotherapy Register (at full practitioner level) and of course obtain full insurance benefits.