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Spiritual Counselling Diploma, Holistic Healing Diplomas & Hypnotherapy Diplomas

Our Spiritual Counselling, Holistic Healing and Hypnotherapy Diploma courses are made up of a number of related modules. Everything you learn is then brought together in an integration module (towards the end of the course). All the many skills and all the knowledge gained with us (and any previous knowledge) is then put into a structure that can be used to address the varied issues our clients bring. Most modules are 2 day mini-courses which are credited towards a Diploma. There is also plenty of practice with other students.

Those taking the Spiritual Counselling Diploma or Holistic Healing Practitioner Diploma or Hypnotherapy Diploma are expected to engage in background reading and there is a final assessment with a real client which everyone who takes the course feels comfortable to carry out by the end. 

Our Spiritual Counsellor and Holistic Healing Practitioner Diploma courses are usually taken over a period of approximately one and a half years. If you cannot make the date for a particular module (having giving us notice) you simply take it the next time it comes round 

Most modules are 2 days long and due to popular demand from those who work Monday to Friday are now run at weekends. 

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