• Train to be a Counsellor & Holistic Therapist

  • Diploma in Healing & Counselling Combined

  • Empowering You to Empower Others

2017 Course Module Dates for New Students

Please note these dates are for new students starting in 2017

Potential Start Date: Saturday/Sunday 21/22 January module
​​ ​
Saturday/Sunday 11/12 February module

Friday/Saturday/Sunday   10/11/12 March module (all modules are weekends except this one (Soul Plan) which is 3 days)

Saturday/Sunday 8/9 April module

Saturday/Sunday 6/7 May module

Saturday/Sunday 3/4 June module

Saturday/Sunday 1/2 July module

Summer break in August

September module
October module
November module
December module

Jan module
Feb module
and so on ...................

Modules continue onwards each month and keep rolling on and repeating...

This is a modular course so in theory whenever you start you keep attending until you have completed your 14 required modules.
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