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Term and Conditions

In order to avoid the high cost and waste of e.g. constantly reprinting brochures we wish to state that it is possible that over time there may be some changes to the courses, venues or other information outlined in our brochure, web or other promotional material.
Once you are on the Diploma course and have paid a discounted full fee, deposit or part instalment there will be no refunds if your circumstances do not allow you to complete the course. However you will be offered the opportunity to join the course at a later date (must be within a year and a half).
Furthermore it will always be assumed (unless we have been told otherwise in advance) that you will attend each subsequent module in your given schedule. In order to qualify and accumulate required hours you must take at least thirteen of the fourteen modules and these thirteen must include the Counselling Module and the Skills Integration module. If you miss two modules assuming they are not Counselling or Skills Integration it will still be possible to assess and provisionally receive your qualification on the agreement that you complete at least one of the two missing modules within a year. Missed modules can be taken the next time round at the retake fee which is £25. If you do not wish to wait for the module to come around again it may sometimes be possible to move to another group for a missed module and take it ealier but this incurs a fee of £45.

We understand there will sometimes be a good reason why someone cannot attend at short notice but even in such cases we have to have some fall back for the financial implications this has on the running of the College.
Therefore if you are on the Diploma but cannot attend a module:
with full notice given at least a week beforehand there is no additional penalty and you simply pay the retake fee of £25 next time around
with 24 hours to 1 weeks notice you must pay 25% of the module price in addition to the retake fee when you take it the next time around
with no show / no notice given you must pay 50% of the module price in addition to the retake fee when you take it the next time around
These charges will apply whether or not a module is fully booked, as in the greater scheme of things we will still need to fit you in next time and such things affect our marketing budget, time and administration. Furthermore on a more abstract level we always take into consideration (or have a meeting with the Teacher prior to the course to discuss) the current group dynamic which can change considerably with the absence or addition of even one individual. *

Towards the end of the course those wishing to practise professionally will take an assessed client session facilitated by a Teacher. In theory this is not required if you only wish to attend the course for personal/spiritual development but it is required if you wish to acquire the actual Counselling qualification (which most students do). The Teachers fee is £95 and can therefore only be paid at that time and not in advance. At the end of the course all students who successfully complete the course and assessment receive one Diploma Certificate at no charge. However replacements for lost / extra certificates for sub qualifications will incur a £7.50 admin fee.
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