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Soul Transformation Therapy (STT) PRACTITIONER COURSE

Blue Marsden first introduced STT to our Japanese students in 2014 and since that time many counsellors, therapists and even medically trained doctors are offering this new modality  - Soul Plan (CIT). The modality now known as Soul Transformation Therapy in the UK uses a Soul Archetype Tarot deck (included with course) to diagnose firstly the polarity (we are all affected by polarity challenges even if not in our chart) and then the specific challenge issue which is blocking a person from more fully connecting with their purpose and Soul Plan potential at any time. 
The method then provides up to seven healing interventions to clear blockages which includes a tree of life soul retrieval method, an energy psychology / dynamic energy healing method and Soul Plan Archetype work which is similar to parts work/voice dialogue some people may know. 
Many widely trained therapists in Japan commented that this modality puts together the essence of their favourite modalities into a very clear and structured package and we always ends with a 'Soul Plan future reading' which points a way forward for the clients post the healing intervention.

Soul Transformation Therapy - incorporating Soul Plan Tarot and Healing Interventions

This workshop is designed to be both healing on a personal level and also to provide the practitioner with a complete therapy system and more in depth tools and a clear protocol on: 

 Theory of Life Purpose blockages

 Introduction to the Soul Plan Tarot and how to work with a chart of common Life Purpose blockages

 How to diagnose the root cause and core issue

 How to use several interventions including Soul Retrieval and Archetype Integration work which can be tailored towards different presenting issues

 Meeting and freeing the polarity subpersonalities which operate consciously or unconsciously in each individual 

 A complete healing and therapy system which has recently become certified, recognised by the Complementary Medical Association and is insurance eligible

The course is 3 days at £445 which includes Certification and unlike our other courses which take place in London this one usually takes place in a lovely Wellington Square Therapy Centre in Hastings, East Sussex.

To book a place please contact us to arrange us to set up a informal chat where we will ensure that you are clear what the course entails and it feels intuitively right for you at this time.

Course Dates

March 30th to April 2nd 2017 Fully Booked

November 24th to 26th 2017  Apply

FEEDBACK from a recent course
Feed Back- Soul Transformation Therapy
Dr Véronique Ryan
 “Soul Transformation Therapy is an amazingly simple yet extremely powerful approach to healing. I am looking forward to integrating it more and more in my healing and teachingpractice.”
Feed Back- Soul Transformation Therapy
Manta Nanda - Reiki Teacher and Soul Plan Practitioner
Amazing healing experience.  
Life changing, really looking forward to the rest of my life.
-I feel a lot of what I was struggling with has been transformed over these three days.

Feed Back- Soul Transformation Therapy
Kai-Wen Chen
“All the interventions are simple yet very powerful and effective. This therapy can be easily integrated with Soul plan reading as suggested treatments. Thank you for this wonderful work!”
Feed Back- Soul Transformation Therapy
Marion Morley
“Great energy in the room, very powerful course. As we went through everything came together and flowed. The cards were very powerful.”
Feed Back- Soul Transformation Therapy
Louise Woodcock
I really enjoyed the Soul transformation with Blue. It will work so well with my Soul Plan sessions and enable me to clear blockages holding clients back from living their life purpose.
Feed Back- Soul Transformation Therapy
Marilys Lea Dehez
Incredible weekend connecting to my power. A beautiful bonding experience not just with a wonderful group but bonding with my soul! I feel more whole complete and connected. Thank you Blue

Feed Back- Soul Transformation Therapy
 Very uplifting experience, creating a whole new path in my spiritual journey.

Feed Back- Soul Transformation Therapy
Sharyn Coleman
The course operates on many levels, the group, the individual participants and the teaching to be a practitioner.
Transformation occurred and many levels.
Highly recommended if you are looking to integrate transformation (work) in your practise.
Feed Back- Soul Transformation Therapy
Liz Goddard
Just loved all of it!
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