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Hypnotherapy Diploma

Hypnotherapy is a popular healing art which is well known, tried and tested. It is therefore a very good qualification and support to anyone who wishes to work as a therapist full time.

It can be the most dramatic form of therapy as very often the results are instantaneous. For instance with phobias it is possible that someone who has not been able to travel due to a lifelong fear of air travel can suddenly fly without qualms. Most of us know a previously heavy smoker who has suddenly quit through hypnosis and in many cases it is possible to have dental work without anaesthetic and many of our graduates have gone on to help expectant Mothers seeking a natural birth prepare mentally. Of course this work can go much deeper and is an effective psychotherapeutic approach.

Hypnotherapy can potentially be more lucrative than other therapies and those considering a career in this field will benefit greatly from the marketing skills component of the Healing skills integration module which forms part of the diploma.

We make no secret and are proud to say at Holistic Healing College we emphasise the healing and spiritual aspects of hypnosis. This approach is generally not taught on standard hypnotherapy courses which focus purely on the mechanics and scripts. We teach exercises to enhance participants personal magnetism and also odic gaze (healing through the eyes).

Specialist topics such as working with phobias, sports performance, pain relief, natural childbirth and other areas are addressed in advanced modules.

On completion you will be able to set up practise full or part time as a hypnotherapist, treating a variety of issues. You will have also developed advanced communication skills which will enhance all aspects of life and career. Furthermore you will have covered many of the pre requisite modules for our other diplomas and can easily upgrade the remaining modules and earn further qualifications and gain more skills and services to offer.

The 10 modules you will need to complete for the Hypnotherapy Diploma are:

1. Advanced Communication - Introduction to Hypnotherapy & NLP (2 days)
2. Introduction to Counselling (2 days)
3. Mindfulness for yourself and others (2 days)
4. Allergies, Phobias, EFT and Energy Psychology (2 days)
5. Relationships (2 days)
6. Life Coaching (2 days)
7. Loss and Co-dependency (2 days)
8. Parts Work and unconscious subpersonalities (2 days)
9. Skills/Marketing Integration (1 day)
10. Advanced Hypnotherapy Skills (3 day course)