• Train to be a Counsellor & Holistic Therapist

  • Diploma in Healing & Counselling Combined

  • Empowering You to Empower Others

Spiritual Counsellor Diploma

Many of those interested in healing and therapies have some gifts they are already aware of. For instance compassion, a wise and sympathetic ear, healing hands or perhaps just a knowing that abilities such as these are latent within them. This course works on developing all the abilities possessed by a truly rounded Spiritual Counsellor. It also comprises a journey of self discovery - each module having its healing aspect - physical, mental and spiritual.

You will be learning Counselling from a spiritual perspective which covers not only standard Counselling work but also healing and intuitive approaches. However this work will often touch on deeper issues which often truly underlie the motivation of those seeking counselling/psychotherapy/healing. You will develop the capacity to integrate spiritual healing with talking, listening and therapeutic intervention.

During the course participants experience a 'spiritual expansion' and gain confidence to share their spiritual and therapeutic knowledge and skills. Throughout the course you develop or open your intuitive and other healing abilities. This preparation is geared towards completion of the diploma and your then working as a Counsellor - full or part time dealing with a wide range of people and issues. You will then be in the privileged position of being able to continue your own growth and expansion through working in this rewarding field.

The 14 modules you will need to complete for the Spiritual Counsellor Diploma are:

1. Advanced Communication - Introduction to Hypnotherapy & NLP (2 days)
2. Introduction to Counselling (2 days)
3. Life Coaching (2 days)
4. Intuitive Card and Symbol reading for therapists (2 days)
5. Allergies, Phobias, EFT and Energy Psychology (2 days)
6. Soul Plan Reading (3 days)
7. Extraordinary Sensing (2 days)
8. Chi Kung and personal energy clearing and building (2 days)
9. Relationships (2 days)
10. Mindfulness for yourself and clients (2 days)
11. Loss and Co-dependency (2 days)
12. Sound Healing (2 days)
13. Parts Work / Subselves (2 days)
14. Skills Integration / Marketing for Therapists